Prime Ministers since 1926

Prime Ministers since 1926
   • José Mendes Cabeçadas (May-June 1926)
   • Manuel Gomes da Costa (June-July 1926)
   • Antonió Óscar de Fragoso Carmona (July 1926-January 1928)
   • Artur Ivens Ferraz (January1928-April 1928)
   • José Vicente de Freitas (April 1928-Nov. 1928)
   • José Vicente de Freitas (November 1928-July 1929)
   • Artur Ivens Ferraz (July 1929-January 1930)
   • Domingos da Costa Oliveira (January 1930-July 1932)
   • António de Oliveira Salazar (July 1932-September 1968)
   • Marcello Caetano (September 1968-April 1974)
   • Provisional Governments (1974-1976)
   • Adelino de Palma Carlos (May-July 1974)
   • Vasco Gonçalves (July 1974-September 1974)
   • Vasco Gonçalves (September 1974-March 1975)
   • Vasco Gonçalves (11 March -8 August 1975)
   • Vasco Gonçalves (8 August-19 September 1975)
   • Azevedo Pinheiro (19 September 1975-July 1976)
   • Constitutional Governments (1976-present)
   • Mário Soares (July 1976-January 1978)
   • Mário Soares (January 1978-August 1978)
   • Alfredo Nobre de Costa (August-November 1978)
   • Carlos Mota Pinto (November 1978-July 1979)
   • Maria de Lourdes Pintasilgo (July 1979-January 1980)
   • Francisco Sá Carneiro (January 1980-December 1980) (Sá Carneiro died in air crash 1 December 1980)
   • Francisco Pinto Balsemão (January 1981-September 1981)
   • Francisco Pinto Balsemão (September 1981-June 1983)
   • Mário Soares (June 1983-October 1985)
   • Aníbal Cavaco Silva (October 1985-July 1987)
   • Aníbal Cavaco Silva (July 1987-July 1991)
   • Aníbal Cavaco Silva (July 1991-October 1995)
   • António Guterres (October 1995-October 1999)
   • António Guterres (October 1999-March 2002)
   • José Durão Barroso (March 2002-July 2004)
   • Pedro Santana Lopes (July 2004-February 2005)
   • José Sócrates (February 2005- )

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